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Ten Ways to Get Better at Golf in 2024

Enhancing your golf game is a blend of skill, strategy, and the right guidance. Here are ten ways to answer the question 'how to get better at golf' and elevate your golf skills in 2024, complemented by the professional coaching at The Swing Suite (

1. Set Specific Goals: Establishing clear, measurable goals is essential. Whether it's breaking 80, improving your putting, or increasing driving distance, having specific targets helps you focus your practice and measure progress. It also adds a sense of purpose and motivation to your golfing routine.

2. Quality Practice Time: Quality trumps quantity in golf practice. It's not just about hitting countless balls; it's about focused, deliberate practice with a purpose. Utilise advanced technology like TrackMan to gain valuable insights into your swing mechanics and track improvements. For an enhanced practice experience, consider one of our TrackMan practice subscriptions ( at The Swing Suite. These subscriptions offer structured practice sessions, using data to refine your technique and accelerate your progress. Balance your time on the range with mental practice, such as visualising various shots and scenarios, to fully prepare for any challenge on the course.

3. Physical Fitness: Golf is a physical sport. Improving strength, flexibility, and overall fitness can significantly impact your swing and endurance. Incorporate golf-specific exercises that focus on core strength, stability, and rotational flexibility. A fitter body leads to a more powerful and controlled swing.

4. Mental Game: Golf is as much a mental challenge as it is physical. Work on mental toughness, concentration, and emotional control. Learn to manage on-course stress, maintain focus throughout the round, and stay positive. Developing a strong mental game is often the key to overcoming challenges on the course.

5. Equipment Check: Ensuring your clubs are well-suited to your playing style is crucial in golf. Regularly evaluate your equipment to see if your clubs are the right length, lie, and grip size. Is your driver optimized for your swing speed? Are your irons correctly fitted? Properly fitted equipment can significantly enhance shot quality and consistency. For a tour-level fitting experience, visit our partners at Club Champion UK. They offer top-tier club fitting services that lead to lasting improvements in your game. Discover the ideal clubs for your unique swing at Club Champion Crawley. A tailored fit by experts can unlock new levels of performance in your game.

6. Playing Different Courses: Each course offers unique challenges, from different grass types to varying layouts. Playing a variety of courses enhances your adaptability and decision-making skills. It exposes you to different scenarios and shots, enriching your golfing experience and skills.

7. Learning from Mistakes: Reflection is a powerful tool. Analyse your rounds, especially those that don't go as planned. Identify patterns or recurring issues. Is it course management, club selection, or a specific type of shot? Learning from these insights can guide your practice effectively.

8. Staying Informed: The world of golf is always evolving. Stay updated with the latest techniques, equipment advancements, and coaching methods. Understanding current trends and technologies can offer new perspectives and techniques to improve your game.

9. Regular Competitions: Competing puts your skills to the test. It's not just about winning, but about experiencing the pressures and challenges of competitive play. Regularly participating in tournaments or club matches can accelerate your learning and adaptability under pressure.

10. Invest in Some Lessons: Personalised coaching can transform your game. The Swing Suite's TrackMan facility provides data-driven coaching, offering insights into every aspect of your swing and strategy. Enhance your game with tailored coaching - book a session at The Swing Suite! (

By embracing these strategies and combining them with professional coaching, you can significantly elevate your golf game in 2024. Let your journey to golfing excellence be guided by continuous learning, practice, and expert insights.

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